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Marshall’s super-compact Emberton is the company’s smallest-ever portable speaker

(Image credit: Marshall)

Marshall has unveiled the Emberton, the guitar amp company’s smallest ever portable speaker.

The compact unit boasts True Stereophonic, offering multi-directional sound “where every spot is a sweet spot.”

There’s also 20+ hours of portable playtime, and the Emberton can be quick-charged via an included USB-C cable, with 20 minutes of charging allowing for five hours of play.

(Image credit: Marshall)

Controls include a multi-directional knob that allows for play, pause, skipping tracks and adjusting speaker volume, as well as functions as an on/off.

Other features include Bluetooth technology 5.0 and an IPX7 water-resistance rating.

The Emberton comes housed in a silicone exterior and solid metal grille with Marshall script and weighs 0.7 kg .

For more information, head to Marshall Headphones.