Best practice amps 2024: 10 great picks for honing your guitar and bass chops at home

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If you're a guitarist and you've never had the exhilarating experience of playing through a cranked stack, we highly recommend you seek out a suitable place to do it. There's nothing like striking a power chord and feeling the air move in front of a catastrophically loud amplifier. That said, we all know we don't need that kind of volume for home practice – and we could do without the noise complaints, too. That's where the best practice amps come in.

Simply put, these humble home combos can enable you to practice your guitar without worrying about the noise levels – and better yet, many of them are fully loaded with effects and other handy features that make practicing way more enjoyable.

Recent updates

15/03/24: We audited the product list to ensure we are still recommending the best practice amps. We have also added a handy "at a glance" section to each product to help you better understand our choices.
As well as auditing the products to make sure the list is up to date with the very best practice amps around, we've also given this page a fresh new look, improving the navigation to make it easier than ever to find the right unit for you. Want to get to the good stuff without reading walls of text? Use the "quick list" section to get to know our top choices without any fuss. There are also links to read a more detailed review of each model if you'd like to learn more.  

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