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Marty Friedman explains why he's ditched delay and reverb for his just-announced new album, Tokyo Jukebox 3

Marty Friedman announces new album Tokyo Jukebox 3
(Image credit: Marty Friedman)

Marty Friedman has announced a new solo record, Tokyo Jukebox 3, and if you think you know what to expect from the former Megadeth electric guitar player by this point in time, guess again. 

In a post on his official Facebook page announcing the record, he revealed some changes to his sound, including ditching effects like reverb and delay.

“Just like everyone, I’ve had a real tough time dealing with 2020," he said. "We all suffered from a massive lack of fun this year, so I made it my mission to make feel-good, serotonin level raising music of the highest order, stuff that will hopefully kick you all in the feels, and hard. 

“Making the album during a pandemic had its hellish challenges, but everyone is facing hardships now, so I was just thankful to have such cathartic work to do.

“Guitar fans will notice, and hopefully enjoy, some pretty cool updates to my guitar sounds. I’ve discovered that when you take off all spatial effects like reverbs and delays, your solo expressions can often live and breathe more, and have an urgency and unique attack to them, that I’m really digging.”

The new album follows the release of 2009’s Tokyo Jukebox and 2011’s Tokyo Jukebox 2, both of which saw Friedman, who moved to Japan following his departure from Megadeth, performing hard rock and metal versions of J-Pop songs. Friedman’s most recent solo studio album was 2017’s Wall of Sound.

Tokyo Jukebox 3 is due out October 21 in Japan. As Friedman writes, “The release info for the rest of the world will come soon, as well as bonus track info, events and more.”