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Matt Heafy drops new collection of re-worked Trivium songs in acoustic Ascendancy EP

Heavy metal man Matt Heafy has temporarily put down his new Epiphone MKH Epiphone signature electric guitar and picked up his acoustic guitar, with the Trivium frontman sharing an acoustic reworking of the band's Ascendancy album in the form of a new EP.

Consisting of four tracks, the new Ascendancy EP features acoustic reimaginings of songs from Trivium's 2005 album of the same name, with Heafy sharing the new collection on his YouTube channel.

Rain, Dying In Your Arms, Suffocating Sight and Departure all got a fresh lick of acoustic paint in the new release, with Heafy teasing the imminent arrival of more like-minded EPs, tweeting: "Weekly acoustic EPs of Trivium only on!" 

Heafy had previously released three acoustic versions of songs from Trivium's 2003 debut album Ember to Inferno, and plans to follow up the latest release with regular reworked renditions of songs from each Trivium album.

Trivium's 2020 offering, What the Dead Men Say, will be the only album that doesn't receive an acoustic-inspired makeover.

If Heafy continues to follow this pattern, we can expect to see The Crusade up next, so keep an eye on his YouTube channel for the regular releases.