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Memorial Fund Set Up in Honor of Bernie Corrigan of Schecter Guitars

Bernie Corrigan, the marketing manager for Schecter Guitars in Burbank, California, for the past several months, died August 18 in an auto accident. He was 39.

A fund has been set up for Corrigan -- the Bernie Corrigan Memorial Fund -- in order to financially assist his family.

From the Fund's website,

"We mourn the tragic loss of Bernie Corrigan. We are all heartbroken, but we must remember that the reason we are so sad is how wonderful he was. Unfortunately, the more you love someone, the greater pain when they pass. We will all miss his music, but even more, we will miss him.

"We have set up this memorial fund to help those Bernie left behind. Please donate what you can via the PayPal button on this page. It is desperately needed by his family. There will be time soon when we can all get drunk and howl together, but right now, Beth, Little Bern and Sarah need us. Let’s go.

-- Gary Spinrad, Elviss Simmon"

To read more about Corrigan, click here.