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Metallica and Lou Reed Post Sample of New Song, "The View"

Months after the "secret" project featuring Metallica and Lou Reed was first announced, a sample of a track from the upcoming album from "Loutallica," titled Lulu, has finally been posted online. You can listen to a sample of the song "The View" below.

Lulu will be released on November 1 through Warner Bros. "The View" will be available via digital retailers on September 27.

"We very quickly cobbled the songs together and then recorded them," Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett recently told Mojo of the songwriting process for Lulu. "And then Lou says, 'That's great! Let's move on.' And that's just so diametrically opposed to the way we work. We will hammer a song for months and months, and then end up not using it."