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Metallica's Lars Ulrich Says 'Lulu' Criticism Was Difficult for Lou Reed

It's safe to say that, regardless of any artistic merits, Metallica and Lou Reed's collaborative album, Lulu, was one of the more coldly received albums of 2011.

Speaking to Washington, D.C., radio station DC101, the Metallica drummer recently spoke out about the criticism the album received and how people involved in the project took it.

"Obviously, it's fantastic in 2012 that the Internet gives everybody access to voicing their opinions, and I think it's an incredible medium to communicate and to bring the world closer," he said (via NME.) "But obviously, as an artist, or somebody who is creating something, you've gotta be careful how deep you dive into what everybody's talking about, because it could really screw with your mind. I've always been in a place where I'm pretty thick-skinned, so it doesn't bug me that much."

He continued: "It was difficult for Lou Reed because he takes everything very personally. And I think he was very surprised. We told him all along: 'Listen, there are some very, very, very hardcore metal fans out there that like everything pre-packaged in a particular little box that looks like this, and the minute that you slightly veer outside of that, then they have a hernia.' And that's fine – I'm fine with that."

Lulu was released last November through Warner Bros.