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Mike Papapavlou named Guitar Teacher of the Year 2020

Guitar Teacher of the Year 2020
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Of all the categories to win in the Guitarist of the Year 2020 competition, Guitar Teacher of the Year was perhaps the most elusive. While the other categories were decided by amalgamating the public vote, judges' choices and Guitar World staff picks, this one has been determined purely by way of nominations.

Guitarist of the Year 2020 winners

Guitarist of the Year 2020 PRS prizes

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• Electric Guitarist of the Year 2020: Igor Paspalj
• Acoustic Guitarist of the Year 2020:
Alan Gogoll
• Young Guitarist of the Year 2020:
Juho Ranta-Maunus
• Bassist of the Year 2020:
Danny Sapko

We searched far and wide for the guitar teacher who had made the most impact on as many students as possible, and based on the sheer volume of nominations, the victor was crystal-clear. It is our distinct pleasure to announce the winner of Guitar Teacher of the Year 2020, Mike Papapavlou!

Mike began his teaching career in 2010 when he moved from his home country of Cyprus to England to obtain his bachelor's degree in Music at Newcastle University.

His method of teaching is based around what he dubs the “three Ps: patience, persistence and perseverance. Through these, he says, “anyone can play, do and accomplish anything on guitar, in their musical career or in life!

He says of the most rewarding aspects of teaching, “through music and guitar discovery, my students get a greater understanding of themselves and their unlimited capabilities!”

Along with receiving a feature on, Mike will be brought on as a Guitar World freelance contributor in 2021. So stay tuned, the Guitar Teacher of the Year will be sharing many of his tips, tricks and stories right here in the not-too-distant future...

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