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Mission Engineering unveils the 529m - the world's smallest variable voltage power supply

(Image credit: Mission Engineering)

Last week, in the lead-up to the NAMM show, the US-based effects pedal manufacturer Mission Engineering revealed the 529m - what it claims is the world's smallest variable voltage power supply.

Utilizing the latest USB technology, the unit is able to deliver up to 3000mA of power for effects pedals. As previously mentioned, the 529m is a variable voltage power supply, allowing users the ability to choose between 9, 12 and 18V settings. This enables the unit to power high-current multi effects units and modelers.

Did we mention the 529m is about the size of an AA battery?

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(Image credit: Mission Engineering)
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(Image credit: Mission Engineering)

"The 529m is the Swiss Army Knife of power supplies" says James Lebihan, Mission Engineering's CEO. "When you don't need isolation, it can power 30 pedals or more from a single outlet, or battery pack."

"The 3000mA capacity powers devices that other power supplies cannot such as digital multi effects and modelers. The selectable voltage capability lets you power difficult loads such as tube powered pedals, mixers, or even small amplifiers."

The 529m draws power via a single USB-C source like a wall charger or a USB battery pack.

For more information, head to Mission Engineering.