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Neon Egg’s Planetarium 2 is a pedal that looks like a synth - and it could push your post-rock sounds into the stratosphere

(Image credit: Neon Egg)

Neon Egg’s Planetarium might just be the coolest pedal we've ever seen, in that it resembles a very small synth. Look at it. Just look at it!

It features, in the company’s words, “a stereo reverb and chorus, running into an echo (with stereo modulation), which then runs into a compressor (with external sidechain).”

The retro-futuristic-looking unit is capable of pushing electronic/post rock/ambient sounds into uncharted territory with wild and weird synthy goodness.

Now Neon Egg has introduced the Planetarium 2, which adds in a host of new features, including a modulation shape switch, a compressor “short/long” switch, a stereo compressor detection circuit and a back-panel reverb/delay output pad switch.

Furthermore, the Planetarium’s already out-there looks have been kicked up, with the LED colors changed to pink and the wooden ends of the enclosure built from oak rather than walnut.

The Planetarium 2 is hand built, and currently has a waiting list. To get on the list send an email to

(Image credit: Neon Egg)

The pedal sells for £319 (approx. $400). For more information, head to Neon Egg.