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New Epiphone BB King Lucille model confirmed by Emily Wolfe during livestream performance

Emily Wolfe Epiphone Lucille
(Image credit: Epiphone)

Emily Wolfe recently took to Instagram for a livestream performance, during which she showed off her new Epiphone Sheraton Stealth Signature electric guitar and revealed a new BB King Lucille model.

During the 30-minute livestream, the blues-rock singer-songwriter played a number of soulful songs on both guitars, before hosting a Q&A session at the end to discuss specifics about each model.

The all-new Epiphone Lucille looks to be sporting much of the hardware you'd expect from a BB King signature, namely the Varitone switch, TP6 tailpiece with fine tuners and a sleek ebony finish. 

The new model also seems to ditch the Epiphone logo-embossed pickguard of previous iterations in favor of a standard black pickguard, and features the updated Epiphone headstock.

Of course, the Lucille scrawl adorns the headstock, as does a gold truss rod cover that reads "BB King".

While we weren't given much else in the way of specifics, Wolfe did take the new guitar for a spin, showing off its impressive dynamic range and versatility before teasing us that the Epiphone Lucille will be coming out this fall.

Wolfe also took the opportunity to share details on her new Sheraton Stealth Signature, which sports diamond f-holes, gold hardware, an Aged Black Gloss finish and Probuckers 1 & 2 pickups.

On her decision to opt for diamond f-holes, Wole cited inspiration from the Trini Lopez and Dave Grohl models, as well as favoring the different resonance offered by the diamonds.

Building on this, Wolfe also revealed she favored the Probuckers 1 & 2 over the Probuckers 2 & 3 she was using in her prototype and previous Sheraton, due to the lower output resonating more kindly with the f-holes.

"I learned this through testing prototypes, but I learned they [diamond f-holes] resonant quite differently than regular f-holes," she explained.

"They seem to be more open, so feedback is a huge deal if you have high output pickups."

The Epiphone Sheraton Stealth signature will be out in March and will list for $899.