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New York Business Owners Concerned About Riots Surrounding Big Four Concert

According to Rock News Desk, a group of local business owners in the Bronx, New York are concerned about the possibility of rioting related to the upcoming Big Four show at Yankee Stadium on September 13.

The fears likely stem from incidents in which fans rioted at two of Metallica's South America shows when the concerts became sold out.

The head of the 161st Street Business Improvement District of the Bronx, a local business owner by the name of Cary Goodman, has this to say: "When I read about the disturbances and riots I thought, ‘Why don’t we think proactively and put up a big screen in Macombs Dam Park?'"

Goodman, who has also requested extra police for the day of and day after the show, claims he has reached out to Metallica's management, but has yet to hear back.

While we're glad Goodman is seeking a reasonable solution (and hey, if you can't go to the show, seeing it on a giant screen near the venue where you can probably still hear the concert certainly isn't a bad thing, right?), we're not sure Goodman is familiar with the bands he's dealing with, as you can tell from his quote: "Everybody’s going to want to dance."

Mosh, Cary -- mosh was the word you were looking for.