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Noel Gallagher to Release 'Lost' Oasis Song on New Album

Noel Gallagher has revealed that his forthcoming debut solo album, High Flying Birds, will include a song he has been working on for more than 10 years.

The song, titled "Stop the Clocks," was reportedly set to appear on Oasis' 2004 album Don't Believe The Truth.

Noel has reportedly been agonizing over the track, rewriting it multiple times to get it just right. When asked about the song in a 2006 interview, he said: "There are about 10 different versions and I can’t decide on which one. It’s a good song, the lyrics are great."

As previously reported, Noel Gallagher held a press conference earlier this week to announce two forthcoming releases: a solo album, which is due out in October, and a collaboration with Androgynous Anonymous that is slated for a 2012 release.