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Old Blood Noise Endeavors Introduces the Reflector Chorus V3 Pedal

Old Blood has updated its popular Reflector Chorus pedal, with the Reflector Chorus V3. The new unit takes the original’s pitch shifting, flanging and multi-voice chorus capabilities and adds in a reverb chorus mode.

Controls include:

-       Rate and Depth for the Chorus/Flanger/Vibrato speed

-       Mix for a balance between unaffected and affected signal

-       Modulate to add Pitch selection, Reverb wash amount or Flanger depth, depending on the mode.  

A three-way toggle switch allows the player to choose between Wrinkle Mode (a Vibrato-esque warble chorus with the added option of pitch selection), Washed Mode (adds in a Reverb effect) or Mirrors Mode (Detuned Chorus meets Flanger).

The Reflector Chorus V3 is available for $199.00. Head over to for more details.