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The Osbournes Set to Get Animated

Rock and roll's favorite family, the Osbournes, are on the verge of taking their wacky family life to a new dimension. Well, actually, one fewer dimension.

According to the website for Cuppa Coffee Studios, a cartoon starring the Osbourne clan is in production and is to be titled The F'n Osbournes. A subtitle on a still from the show (below) reads "The 'F' Stands for Family."

While Ozzy is keeping busy with a new Black Sabbath record and several "Ozzy & Friends" tour dates over the summer, Sharon and Jack Osbourne have reportedly signed on as executive producers of the series, which will feature 20 episodes in its initial run. The series will reportedly be loosely based on reality, but with storylines that spin wildly out of control.

You can find out more about the show, including some early storylines, here. One reads, "While reminiscing over his glory days, Ozzy knocks his head and wakes up in the bizarro world of Oz, where he is arrested for relieving himself on the Lollipop Guild and bites the head off a living monkey, ultimately learning that there's no place like home..."