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Paul McCartney guitarist Brian Ray has a Les Paul-shaped swimming pool - and yes, it’s called the Les Pool

Gibson released an impressive signature Brian Ray '62 SG Junior last year, but the Paul McCartney sideman has a pretty cool personal collection of vintage electric guitars as well.

In the newest episode of Gibson TV’s The Collection, Mark Agnesi joins Ray at his home in Palm Springs to see and hear some of the drool worthy instruments he’s amassed over the years – among them an almost pristine ’59 Les Paul 'burst and a heavily worn ‘57 Gold Top that was Ray’s main guitar during his years playing Etta James. 

“It looks like it’s been dragged behind a motorcycle,” Ray says of the Gold Top.

Other guitars in Ray's collection include a ‘57 Les Paul TV used by the character Richie Cunningham on Happy Days, a one-of-a-kind sunburst ‘62 Les Paul SG Junior and a ‘62 Les Paul SG with ebony block, which served as the inspiration for Ray’s signature SG Junior.

(Image credit: Gibson)

Oh, right – there’s one other Les Paul at Ray’s home: his Les Paul-shaped pool named, ‘natch, the Les Pool. And just because he could, Ray turned the headstock into a hot tub.

“Did you clear the IP with our legal department?” Agnesi asks with a laugh.

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