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The Penny Serfs Premiere New Song, "Lonely" — Exclusive

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of “Lonely,” a new song by Iowa-based indie rock band the Penny Serfs.

The track is from their new album, Like Eating Glass, which will be released January 20.

"Love your guy. Love your girl. Spread it to all of those around," says Michael Loy, the band's lead singer and guitarist. "If they like you even when you are lonely, even in the most desperate of times, never let them go."

The band is rounded out by Andrew Linley (bass, vocals), Stu Tenold (keyboards, vocals) and Kyle Lewis (drums).

"The album is an approach at the idea of a one true love being derailed by the internet paradox: being so connected to everything yet loneliness is everywhere," the band adds.

"All of the songs show the painful reality that every battery must have a positive and a negative. With life must come death, with light must come darkness, and as the sun rises it must always set for the world to keep spinning.”

For more about the Penny Serfs, visit and follow them on Facebook.

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