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Pink Floyd Premiere New Song, "Allons-Y (1)" — Listen

Pink Floyd have premiered another song from their new album, The Endless River, ahead of its November 10 release date.

You can hear "Allons-y (1)" below, via Spotify (Sorry it's not Soundcloud or YouTube). Like a lot of The Endless River, the song is instrumental.

It does, however, sound very much like The Wall-era Pink Floyd, complete with a heavy dose of David Gilmour's Stratocaster and, it would seem, pedal steel guitar (although we can't tell if he's using the pedals all that much).

The Endless River is the most pre-ordered album of all time on Amazon, taking the title from rock masters One Direction and their 2013 album, Midnight Memories. I'm kidding about the "rock masters" thing.

By the way, "allons-y" is French for "let's go!" or "come on!"

Apparently, this is Pink Floyd's final album, and Gilmour has said the idea of continuing with the band makes him "break out in a cold sweat." Check out the song below and let us know what you think in the comments or on Facebook. Twitter is also nice.

The Endless River tracklisting:

  • 'Things Left Unsaid'
  • 'It's What We Do'
  • 'Ebb And Flow'
  • 'Sum'
  • 'Skins'
  • 'Unsung'
  • 'Anisina'
  • 'The Lost Art Of Conversation'
  • 'On Noodle Street'
  • 'Night Light'
  • 'Allons-y (1)'
  • 'Autumn'68'
  • 'Allons-y (2)'
  • 'Talkin' Hawkin''
  • 'Calling'
  • 'Eyes To Pearls'
  • 'Surfacing'
  • 'Louder Than Words'

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