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Poll: What Is the Best Pink Floyd Album?

On Tuesday, September 27, the bulk of Pink Floyd's catalog is getting the royal reissue treatment, courtesy of EMI.

All 14 of the band's studio albums -- from The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn to The Division Bell -- will be available, all remastered and smelling of shiny new cardboard. Also expected on September 27 is the massive Discovery box set, which includes all 14 albums and a very cool photo book.

This first wave of releases (The second wave kicks off November 8) also includes hugely expanded "Immersion" and "Experience" editions of The Dark Side Of The Moon. For more about the releases, check out Pink Floyd's official website.

Anyway, amid all this re-release hub-bub, we figured we'd ask you to vote on your favorite Pink Floyd album. Are you a fan of the Syd Barrett era? The classic lineup? The Gilmour-led era? Let us know!

Thanks for voting!

P.S: Please take note that the choices in the poll below represent the studio albums that will be released September 27 via EMI.