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Protect your pedals from “beer showers” with RockBoard’s PedalSafe covers

(Image credit: RockBoard)

RockBoard has introduced a line of PedalSafe rubber covers, designed to protect guitar pedals from the hazards of “beer showers and other dirt,” while performing onstage - which, hopefully, we'll be able to do again in the not-too-distant future.

The transparent covers feature removable caps for easy access to controls and jacks, and are clamped onto mounting plates that can be attached to each pedalboard with screws or Velcro tape.

The PedalSafe covers are also compatible with RockBoard’s QuickMount system, whereby pedals can be quickly and easily added or removed to a RockBoard pedalboard by clicking in or out of the surface’s slotted grid.

(Image credit: RockBoard)

The RockBoard PedalSafe and QuickMount systems will be available beginning late June.

For more information, head to RockBoard.