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Ratt Working on New Album for Summer Release

Yes, they might have been at their most popular when Ronald Reagan was president, but Ratt are still making some of the finest '80s-style metal this side of Steel Panther.

2010's Infestation was a surprising return to form for Ratt, so fans of the band should be stoked to hear that they're writing a new album that they hope to release over the summer.

A posting on frontman Stephen Pearcy's official Facebook page confirms as much, saying: "Warren, Stephen and the band continue to write the new record. Expect a whole new breed of Ratt for a summer release and tour, TBA. Till then, there could be a few surprise shows."

There's also the small matter of Pearcy and Ratt guitairst Warren DeMartini recording a song for a secret Dave Grohl project -- one that may also include a contribution from Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor.