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Rubato’s Lassie is a carbon-fiber stunner delivered straight from South Africa

(Image credit: courtesy of Rubato)

Rubato Guitars hail from an unusual home base – South Africa – and its new flagship build, the Lassie, is likewise anything but common.

The electric guitar, created by the father and son team of Roger and Oliver Lambson, combines classic design with several modern innovations.

Chief among these innovations is the carbon-fiber construction, which features a body and neck integrated into a single, seamless monocoque (or shell).

Additionally, there’s securely-fixed pickup mounting, offering more control over string height without wobble or tilt. The pickups are also backed by a rubber pad to reduce vibration from the guitar body and feedback hypersensitivity.

Other modern features include an ultra-low friction zero-fret string guide and a heel-less neck joint for unrestricted access across all 24 frets.

Otherwise, the Lassie boasts a curved “C” neck profile with a flame maple compound radius fretboard, a pair of Porter mini-humbuckers, Grover Mini Rotomatic locking tuners, a Hipshot fixed bridge, a single volume and tone knob and a three-way pickup selector.

To find out more about the Lassie or to order one straight from South Africa, head over to Rubato.