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Sam Llanas of The BoDeans to Release Solo Album on October 25

Sam Llanas (pronounced yanas), lead singer and guitarist for the BoDeans, will release a new solo album, 4 A.M., on October 25 via Inner Knot Records. The mostly acoustic collection, which was produced by Gary Tanin, features 10 Llanas originals.

“I do a lot of work late at night," Llanas says. "It’s a night record, a nocturnal record, thematically about things that happen in the night. That covers a lot of ground. It could be the simple things — being in love, being with somebody — or about the loneliness that the night can bring.”

The album, a complement to the BoDeans’ recently released 10th studio album Indigo Dreams, is different from Llanas’ 1998 solo effort, A Good Day to Die, which was a eulogy for Llanas’s brother and recorded under the name Absinthe.

“The Absinthe record was kind of bombastic and very intense,” Llanas says. “I wanted to do something that was lighter, as light as I can get. I wanted it to be completely different. That’s why 4 A.M. is pretty much an acoustic record.”