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Schuldiner Family Announces Mega-Giveaway/Official Site

The family of late Death/Control Denied guitarist & frontman Chuck Schuldiner has announced the launch of, as well as a memorabilia giveaway and program designed to generate funds to help see the release of the Control Denied album Schuldiner was working on -- When Man and Machine Collide -- at the time of his tragic 2001 death.

To enter the contest, fans need to go to the site and write an essay entitled "What Chuck's Music Meant to Me," and pay a $25 (plus shipping) entry fee, which also gets them a Father of Metal Club commemorative T-shirt.

The grand prize winner will receive Chuck's personal BC Rich custom handmade Mockingbird guitar; other prizes include a stage backdrop used by Death on tour, a B.C. Rich Chuck Schuldiner "Stealth" replica guitar, and a set of DiMarzio pickups.

For complete details, visit