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Watch Seasick Steve and His One-String Diddley Bow

As guitarists continue to add strings to their axes, it’s refreshing to watch Seasick Steve command an entire festival crowd with just a one-string diddley bow.

“It’s just a piece of wood with a string nailed on it,” says Steve as he introduces the instrument to the crowd.

  • The diddley bow is the legendary instrument of the Deep South in the early part of the 20th century. These one-string slide instruments were most commonly made by removing the wire that holds a broom together and nailing it to the side of a barn or porch. Insert a couple of soda bottles or sticks to raise the string (acting as the nut and bridge) and then use a third bottle as a slide.

Seasick Steve’s instrument uses a plank of wood instead of a barn wall and sports a pickup.

To see some other great diddley bows and learn more, check out the Diddley Bows & Other Primitives discussion group at To make your own, do what Jack did:

One more note: Bo Diddley didn’t get his name from the diddley bow. Although the names are similar, a “bo diddley” was slang for a shady character. A similar nickname was a “bo jangles.”

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