Sevendust Complete Work on New Album

Sevendust are set to release their seventh studio album, Chapter VII: Hope & Sorrow, on April 1, 2008. Hope and Sorrow was produced by Sean Groove, Morgan Rose & John Connolly in Atlanta, GA, at Tree Sounds Studios. The release will be their second on the band’s wholly owned record label, 7Bros. Records under Warner Music Group.

For the first time since Animosity (2001), the band has collaborated with outside artists. As the record gets finalized over the next few weeks, identities of the guest appearances will surface—Sevendust felt bringing in some outside friends added a healthy dynamic for the project. Additionally, the band has signed on new management and feels like is a fresh new beginning for 2008!

"It was a challenging and exciting to write,” says drummer Morgan Rose. “We've spent so much time with angst over our career that is was nice to in a good head space for a change while working on this project.”

"There was a really relaxed vibe in the studio this time around,” adds singer LaJon Witherspoon. “I think Hope and Sorrow shows a different side of Sevendust. Heavy but yet still growing in a direction that explores a lot of different things musically for us. I'm excited about the album."

Confirmed Tracklisting:

Sevendust: Chapter VII: Hope and Sorrow

  • 1. Inside
  • 2. Enough
  • 3. Hope
  • 4. Scapegoat
  • 5. Fear
  • 6. The Past
  • 7. Prodigal Son
  • 8. Lifeless
  • 9. Sorrow
  • 10. Contradiction
  • 11. Walk Away