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Slash Reveals Track Listing for 'Apocalyptic Love'

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A week after the radio debut of his new single, Slash has unveiled the track listing for his upcoming solo album, Apocalyptic Love. Check it out below.

"There's a song called 'Anastasia,' which would be killer for us to play live because it's probably the longest, most instrumentally adventurous song on the record," Slash recently told Rolling Stone. "There's a lot of guitar in it."

He continued, "There's a song called 'Apocalyptic Love,' which is the title track of the record and the first song we ever did together, there's a song called 'Halo,' there's a lot of stuff."

Click here to read more, and to listen to Slash's new single, "You're A Lie."

Apocalyptic Love is out May 22 via Dik Hayd International.

Apocalyptic Love Track Listing:

"Apocalyptic Love"
"One Last Thrill"
"Standing in the Sun"
"You’re a Lie"
"No More Heroes"
"We Will Roam"
"Not for Me"
"Bad Rain"
"Hard & Fast"
"Far and Away"
"Shots Fired"