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Spector joins with La Bella Strings for custom line of electric bass strings

Spector introduces electric bass strings
(Image credit: Spector)

Spector has introduced a new line of electric bass strings available in four-, five- and six-string sets.

The nickel round-wound long-scale strings are made in the US and designed, according to Spector, specifically to complement the unique tonal characteristics, including “bright, percussive attack and sweet sustain,” of the company’s basses. 

The strings were developed in partnership with La Bella Strings, with a custom formula that “achieves a balance between longevity, feel and the impressive attack and sustain that Spector is known for.”

The string bundles are now shipping, with the Spector 4-String Set (45-105) priced at $24.99, the 5-String Set (45-130) at $34.99 and the 6-String Set (30-130) at $39.99.

For more information, head to Spector Bass.