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Steel Panther's 'Balls Out' Poster Banned by British Authorities for Being "Overtly Sexual"

Steel Panther are experiencing something of a Spinal Tap moment: A poster for their 2011 album, Balls Out, has been banned by British advertising authorities because they find it "overtly sexual."

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) says the poster, which ran outdoors last fall and was based on the album cover (pictured at left), was "unsuitable for public display." The ASA told Campaign Magazine that the poster drew many complaints, including one from a charity that represents women from ethnic backgrounds who have been victims of abuse and violence.

Universal Records, Steel Panther's label, told ASA that the posters weren't meant to cause offense and were part of the band's "ludicrously over the top" persona. The label also denied that the poster was offensive to women.

But the ASA ruled that the poster was likely "to cause serious and widespread offense" and was unsuitable to seen by kids.