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Steve Morse: Bob Ezrin Will Produce Next Deep Purple Album

Deep Purple guitarist Steve Morse recently told Glide magazine that Bob Ezrin will produce the next Deep Purple album, which the band is apparently ready to start recording soon.

“Deep Purple has a writing session and we’re producing an album with Bob Ezrin, who’s done Kiss, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Alice Cooper, and he also worked on the last Kansasalbum, when I was with Kansas," Morse said. "He’s one of my favorite producers, and that’s going to be our studio album. It’s probably going to be more of an extravaganza.

“Everybody realizes we’re not going to do this forever, so to me it feels like this is a really important album to do well,” he said. “So we’ve got that coming up and mixed in with that, and that is most of the summer with the album, and then I have to leave when they’re doing vocals on that to do the G3 tour.”

Deep Purple haven't released a studio album since 2005’s Rapture of the Deep. Their latest live album, Live at Montreux 2011, came out last year.