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Steve Vai Has Launched An Online Library Cataloging His Massive Guitar Collection

(Image credit: Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Steve Vai has unveiled a comprehensive library of every guitar he has ever owned, now available for viewing on

The instruments, which number in the hundreds, are categorized by type, in categories such as “Ibanez Jem,” Pre-Jem,” “Strats,” “SG’s,” “Fan-Built,” “Multi Necks,”  “Sold or Gifted,” and so on. Each is featured in an entry that includes a photo and background information on the guitar, as well as trivia and other facts when available.

In a post on Twitter announcing the library, Vai also encouraged fans to leave comments on the page, and stated that he will be checking in periodically to reply.

Additionally, Vai is asking fans and viewers to help find missing and stolen guitars.

Three years ago, Vai invited Guitar World to photograph several guitars from his staggering private collection. You can check out the pics and read Vai's comment's here.

To check out Vai's impressive guitar library in full, head to

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