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Steve Vai is releasing a deluxe version of Stillness in Motion

Steve Vai is releasing a two-disc Blu-Ray and 2-CD version of Stillness in Motion, which captures the guitarist and his band onstage at L.A.’s Club Nokia on October 12, 2012.

A DVD of the performance was originally issued by Sony; Vai’s new version, which also includes the music spread across two audio CDs as well as a bonus video diary, The Space Between the Notes, on one of the Blu-Ray discs, will be released on his own Light Without Heat label.

In addition, a limited edition bundle throws in a Stillness in Motion t-shirt, commemorative Stillness guitar pick and a bottle of Stillness in Motion hot sauce. Spicy!

Said Vai about the release: “Making records, performing and touring live is what I love to do most in this life. This Blu-Ray performance and tour bonus footage was culled from the Story of Light tour in support of that CD release. The tour was comprehensive and perhaps my favorite tour as of yet. To be with that band and those fans traveling to all those exotic locations represents a period of my life where I feel I was peaking both on a performance level and pure tour exhilaration.”

You can pre-order Stillness in Motion (as well as your hot sauce) here