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Steven Wilson issues apology to Wolfgang Van Halen over EVH comments

Eddie Van Halen and Steven Wilson
(Image credit: Daniel Knighton / Engelke/ullstein via Getty Images)

Steven Wilson has taken to Twitter to offer Wolfgang Van Halen an apology for his recent comments regarding Eddie Van Halen.

In an interview with Face Culture, the Porcupine Tree founder said he was "never a fan" of EVH, who he dubbed the "father" of the "so-called shredder movement" and the "shredder phenomenon which is so vile to me". As a result, he claimed that Eddie Van Halen's death didn't affect him.

Wolfgang – who identified himself as a fan of Wilson's prog outfit Porcupine Tree – later acknowledged Wilson's comments, tweeting: "Damn this bums me out hard. What hurts is that he seems to only view Pop as a "shredder" when in my opinion he was anything but."

"Pop had melody and finesse like NO other "shredder" that swam in his wake ever had (in my opinion) and on top of that he was an incredible songwriter."

In response, Wilson has now published a number of tweets addressed to Wolfgang, apologizing for his comments.

"Dear @WolfVanHalen, apologies, no disrespect was meant to your father, an extraordinary musician. I personally never owned any @VanHalen records and didn't ever get into the style of playing, but he was clearly an innovator."

Wilson continued: "So when asked about his passing I couldn't honestly say I was affected deeply by it, at least not in the way that my heroes Bowie or Prince's passing had affected me."

"This statement was given in honest humility. Forgive me for any offence unintentionally given, and I offer my deepest condolences. SW."

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Wolfgang replied in a tweet of his own, saying: "Incredibly kind of you to say, @StevenWilsonHQ. I meant no ill will in my previous tweets."

"The internet was exacerbating what you had said, as the internet tends to do. Still very kind of you. Be well, friend."

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