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Technical ecstasy: Synergy unveils Bogner Ecstasy and Ubershall preamp modules

(Image credit: Synergy Amps)

Synergy Amps recently collaborated with Steve Vai on the company’s first signature module.

Now, Synergy has teamed with guitar amp maker Bogner to recreate the company’s classic Ecstasy and ultra-high-gain Uberschall models in module form.

The all-analog, all-tube Synergy/Bogner modules sport two individual channels – Blue (overdrive) and Red (distortion) – based on the original circuits and are loaded with switching options for a wide tonal range.

The preamps feature Blue and Red channels with gain, volume, three-band EQ, pre EQ and “schizo” switches (“cut” and “boost” switches on the Uberschall version).

(Image credit: Synergy Amps)

There’s also a pair of 12AX7 preamp tubes, a Dual/Single switch that allows the modules to be used with older Egnater and Randall hardware and a three-position cathode select switch to configure the input tube bias setting for optimum input gain and bass response.

The Bogner Ecstasy and Uberschall Synergy modules are available for $399.99 each. For more information, head to Synergy Amps.