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The Black Mountain Thumb Pick combines a traditional flatpick with a spring-loaded thumb ring

(Image credit: Black Mountain Picks)

In the mood to flatpick? Maybe you’re feeling it’s more of a fingerpicking kind of day? Black Mountain says why not do both?

The Canadian accessory company has introduced the Black Mountain Thumb Pick, a new guitar pick that offers the “feel and familiarity” of a traditional flatpick with a patented, spring-loaded thumb ring.

The design’s flat pick component is a modified 1.5 millimeter nylon pick with a beveled edge, promising “excellent speed, string-feel, durability and tone” on guitar, banjo, steel, autoharp, ukulele and other stringed instruments.

The spring-mounted thumb ring, meanwhile, is ergonomically sculpted to provide a universal fit, while enabling the flat pick to flex along with the picking motion for enhanced tonal control and dynamics.

The result, Black Mountain say, is a more natural and responsive playing experience for flatpickers and fingerstylists.

The Black Mountain Thumb Pick is available is packs of three ($19.95), seven ($44.95) and 12 ($74.95).

For more information, head to Black Mountain Picks.