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Thomas Giles Premieres New Song, "I Appear Disappear" —Exclusive

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "I Appear Disappear," a new solo track by Between the Buried and Me frontman Thomas Giles, aka Tommy Rogers.

The track, which is from Giles' new album, Modern Noise, features a guitar solo by Between the Buried and Me's Paul Waggoner. The album will be released November 25 via Metal Blade.

Check it out below. As always, take a listen and tell us what you think of it in the comments or on Facebook!

"'I Appear Disappear' is a story about a man who has another head attached to his," Rogers said. "He decides to kill both of them."

Rogers describes the album as the result of his creating songs while not wanting to over-evaluate the music.

"I wanted to record things that naturally came to me," he said. "Because of this, the record feels like an accurate extension of myself. I took a more rock approach and really focused on writing simple yet dynamic songs. Lyrically, I feel it's a great mix of storytelling and personal experience. Modern Noise is basically just saying this is my current noise on the earth. We all are here for a short amount of time, and the noise we make is our memory."

Fans of Rogers' work with Between the Buried and Me — as well as fans who steer clear of metal — will find plenty to enjoy on the new disc. The album is Rogers' take on music, or as he puts it, "Music is always modern noise. I'm just a person in current time trying to create something somewhat new."

For more information, visit and the Thomas Giles Facebook page.

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