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Tony Iommi to Release His Autobiography, 'Iron Man: My Life with Black Sabbath and Beyond,' This Fall

Legendary Black Sabbath and Heaven & Hell guitaist Tony Iommi is the latest heavy rocker to take pen to paper and write an autobiography.

The book -- "Iron Man: My Life with Black Sabbath and Beyond" -- will be published Nov. 1 in the United States by De Capo Press. It comes out Oct. 13 in the UK.

"'Iron Man' chronicles the story of pioneering guitarist Tony Iommi and legendary band Black Sabbath, dubbed 'The Beatles of heavy metal' by Rolling Stone," according to the product description at

"'Iron Man' reveals the man behind the icon yet still captures Iommi’s humor, intelligence and warmth. He speaks honestly and unflinchingly about his rough-and-tumble childhood, the accident that almost ended his career, his failed marriages, personal tragedies, battles with addiction, band mates, famous friends, newfound daughter, and the ups and downs of his life as an artist."

Sammy Hagar, Steven Tyler and Nikki Sixx have contributed to the recent spate of rocking autobiographies.