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Two djent-mad guitarists played Led Zeppelin songs down a full octave - and it sounds impossibly heavy

Ever wonder how Led Zeppelin songs would sound if they were tuned down a full octave? No? Yes? Either way, it doesn’t matter: YouTuber Andrew Baena is here to answer the question - and the answer is heavy.

Baena got together with Trey Xavier of Gear Gods and In Virtue to djent up your favorite Zeppelin tunes - Baena plays a Squier Vintage Modified Baritone Jazzmaster for the proceedings, while Xavier wields a a Skervesen eight-string electric guitar. Both, of course, use gobs of distortion.

Check out the video above, where they run through brutal versions of classics including Immigrant Song, Whole Lotta Love, Black Dog and more.

And while their reworkings are indeed impressive, we’ll also note that, oddly, this is the second time this month alone that a djentleman has tackled Stairway to Heaven.