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Van Halen Post Preview of "Bullethead"

Today's new Van Halen clip features the album's sixth track, "Bullethead." Check out a 90-second clip below!

Van Halen played a surprise show in Los Angeles Wednesday night to serve as an official launch party for A Different Kind of Truth. The show, which took place at Henson studios in Hollywood, saw the band perform three new track -- "Tattoo," "The Trouble with Never" and "She's the Woman."

With less than 4 days to go before the release of A Different Kind of Truth, we've heard a sample of just about every track on the album. Check out this handy guide to all of them below.

A Different Kind of Truth:

1. "Tattoo" (video)
2. "She's the Woman" (clip, live video)
3. "You and Your Blues" (clip)
4. "China Town" (clip)
5. "Blood and Fire" (clip)
6. "Bullethead"
7. "As Is" (clip)
8. "Honeybabysweetiedoll"
9. "The Trouble with Never" (clip)
10. "Outta Space"
11. "Stay Frosty" (clip)
12. "Big River"
13. "Beats Workin'" (clip)