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Video: Periphery Post Studio Footage of New Song

Earlier today, Misha Mansoor uploaded a one-minute clip to his YouTube channel featuring fellow Periphery guitarist Mark Holcomb working on a new song. Check out the video below.

Although we can't yet confirm what project the song is from, Periphery did mention in an interview earlier this year that they had been working on two albums at once: the album that eventually became Periphery II and an as-yet-untitled concept album.

"We had an ungodly amount of new material, and initially we wanted to do two full-length albums," said guitarist Jake Bowen in the aforementioned interview. "One was going to be a normal collection of songs and the other was going to be a concept album. But once we realized the magnitude of that undertaking, we realized we needed to slow down a little bit."

Mansoor would add, "We tried to set aside six months to work on both projects, which would’ve given us plenty of time, but then we were offered an opportunity to tour with Dream Theater. As far as we were concerned, when you get a chance to play with Dream Theater, you rearrange your plans!"

Periphery II: This Time It's Personal was released earlier this year on Sumerian.