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Want to be a better guitarist? Jared Dines has 10 tips to help you on your quest

When Jared Dines isn’t busy jamming with Post Malone, the YouTube electric guitar star has been sharpening his guitar skills at home… with a Positive Grid Spark “smart” practice amp.

With that in mind, Dines put together a new video outlining his 10 tips for every guitar player. Some of these, including playing along to backing tracks and your favorite songs, using headphones and “getting a cool practice amp that jams with you,” are – wouldn’t you know it? – right up the Spark’s alley.  

Beyond that, Dines recommends exploring new genres and bands (even ones with parrots for vocalists) and – please! – using a metronome.

For more info on the Spark, head to Positive Grid.