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Watch DragonForce's Herman Li Play a Guitar Solo While Snorkling Underwater

DragonForce guitarist Herman Li performed a underwater guitar solo, while snorkeling, on the Full Metal Cruise VII on September 6. The solo, which he played using a customized waterproof EGEN18 DRG guitar built by the Ibanez Custom Shop, can be seen above.

Li first performed an underwater solo on the 2015 iteration of the cruise, but, as he explained in a pre-performance interview this year:

“The underwater guitar solo was cool but I didn’t play in the water long enough because there’s only how much [time] I can hold my breath for. 

"So this time we’re going to do an underwater snorkeling guitar solo, which I’ll play over a minute of guitar solo in the water breathing through a snorkel with just my hands coming above the water with my special customized waterproof guitar that the Ibanez custom shop built for me.”

Check out more footage of the solo below:


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