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Watch Janick Gers accidentally toss his guitar into the crowd during an Iron Maiden show in San Antonio

During Iron Maiden's show at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas Wednesday night, September 25, guitarist Janick Gers accidentally sent his guitar running (or flying, more like it) to the hills.

Gers, who's well-known for his flashy six-string stage antics, was slinging his electric guitar around when he suddenly lost grip of the instrument, sending it flying into the crowd. You can watch some fan-filmed footage of the incident above. 

"At the last U.S. Legacy Of The Beast tour date in San Antonio [on September 25], [Gers] was twirling his guitar and he lost control of it and it flew off and hit a security guard in the back of the heard and upper torso," a fan who attended the show told

"It literally flew about 10 feet! They returned it and you could tell he was apologetic. The security guard was okay but his eyes were the size of golf balls and he was in shock. The security guard wasn't injured, as it was a grazing blow, but he was clearly shaken for a moment."

Though Iron Maiden's Legacy of the Beast tour recently wrapped up, be sure to watch out for some more Maiden coverage in the pages of Guitar World in the very near future...