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Watch John 5 tear it up in this "wacky, weird" I Want It All playthrough

John 5 recently stopped by the Guitar World studios to play through his song I Want It All, from his recent album, Invasion. 

As the electric guitar player explains, there’s “a lot of wacky, weird stuff,” in the instrumental tune. Which means it’s, yes, a John 5 song.

If watching John pull off the song’s arpeggios, string skipping, “crazy noises,” squeals, trills, behind-the-nut string bends and other tricky moves feel intimidating, have no fear – he also spends a few minutes after the playthrough going over some of the licks at slower speeds.

Once you have it mastered, you can check out his GW playthrough of another Invasion song, Zoinks!

Take a look at the clip above, and good luck.