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Watch Kiko Loureiro Demonstrate How to Play the Solo to Megadeth’s “Poisonous Shadows”

Guitarist Kiko Loureiro operates an active YouTube page, most recently posting a clip demonstrating how to play the solo to Megadeth’s “Bullet to the Brain.” Now, he’s back with another instructional video, this time showing the solo to “Poisonous Shadows,” another track from Megadeth’s 2016 album, Dystopia

“Here’s my way of creating a short solo over a one-note riff,” the guitarist explains in the video above.

Loureiro’s official YouTube channel has offered up a wealth of interesting clips over the past couple of years, including him reacting to videos of other guitarists playing his solos and also discussing whether he plays the famous “Tornado of Souls” riff incorrectly. 

You can check out more of Loureiro's videos here.