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Does Megadeth’s Kiko Loureiro Play the “Tornado of Souls” Riff Incorrectly?

"Do you think I would be playing a Megadeth song wrong in front of Dave Mustaine for over three years, for over 300 concerts?” asks Kiko Loureiro in a new YouTube video. “I don’t think so.”

Apparently, some viewers have felt differently. As Loureiro explains, after he posted a video of himself playing through the entirety of the Rust in Peace track, he read comments saying that he picks the main riff wrong, and that it should be done using all downstrokes, rather than alternate picking.

In response, Loureiro says he decided to create a new video “explaining why I don’t do downstrokes all the time.”

Which is exactly what Loureiro, in typical lighthearted fashion, does in the clip above. Check it out and it will be become clear that, no, Loureiro does not play the “Tornado of Souls” riff incorrectly.