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Watch the Lyric Video for the "Ultimate Mix" of John Lennon's "Gimme Some Truth"

The official John Lennon YouTube page has posted a new lyric video for his 1971 song, “Gimme Some Truth.” The clip features the "Ultimate Mix" of the song, which recently appeared on the Imagine reissue.

The video is accompanied by some words from Lennon, who explains: 

"Side Two [of Imagine] starts with “Give Me Some Truth” which is one I started a year or two back—probably in India. We wrote a lot there. It was an old lick that I had around a long time but I again changed the lyrics. I like the track because it sounds good but it didn’t get much attention, so it’s a personal track that I like the sound of. The guitars are good and the voice sounds nice and, you know, and it says whatever it says. George [Harrison] does a sharp solo with his steel finger (he’s not too proud of it—but I like it)."

As for the lyrics, Lennon continues: “It’s about politicians, newspaper men and all the hypocrites of the world. And male chauvinists, it’s about them too. I think that music reflects the state that the society is in. There is nothing to hide. Not really. I mean, we all like to shit in private and we certainly have things we prefer to do in private, privately. But in general what is there to hide? I mean, what is the big secret?”

The 4-disc Imagine: The Ultimate Collection boasts previously-unreleased demos, outtakes and raw mixes, as well as archival visual material and a 120-page book on the making of the album.

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