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Watch This Breathtaking Cover of Jaco Pastorious’ "The Chicken"

During our usual perusing of the ol' interwebs, we here at GW came across this remarkable cover. A year or so ago, Snips—a jazz/fusion trio from Palermo, Sicily—tried their hand at Jaco Pastorious' fusion classic, "The Chicken." The results—which you can watch above—are pretty astonishing.

"The Chicken" was written by Pee Wee Ellis—a former member of the James Brown Revue—and was first released as a B-side to Brown's 1969 single, "The Popcorn." Pastorious later added his own touch to the piece and recorded it for his 1983 album, Invitation. Another one of Pastorious' live versions of the piece would end up on his posthumously released 1995 album, The Birthday Concert. You can hear the latter version below.

Snips features Matteo Mancuso on guitar, Riccardo Oliva on bass and Salvatore Lima on drums.

For more on the band, head on over to their Facebook page.