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Yngwie Malmsteen Honored with Personalized Sharpie

It's no Grammy, but Yngwie Malmsteen seemed pretty pleased to receive a personalized set of Sharpie markers created in his honor.

Malmsteen was honored by the company for -- well, they never really said why -- but it probably has something to do with the fact that company president Ben J. Gadbois is a huge fan.

Gadbois, who did the honors of presenting Malmsteen with the personalized markers, admitted he had been following Yngwie's career since high school and was a huge fan of the guitarist.

"It was fantastic to meet one of the greatest guitar players of all time and talk about music and several of our common interests," Gadbois said. "It was also an honor to present Yngwie with his own personalized Sharpies. It means a lot that he chooses our markers to sign autographs. He's definitely made an indelible mark on music, and in some small way, we hope Sharpie has helped him make a lasting impressions with his fans."