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Zeal & Ardor announce self-titled third album, debut new song Bow, which sounds like a chain-gang death march

Zeal & Ardor live
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Zeal & Ardor have announced their third album will be self-titled and is due for release on February 11, 2022.

The band is the brain child of Swiss multi-instrumentalist Manuel Gagneux, who has earned a reputation for crafting a powerful blend of black metal and African-American spirituals, across the project's previous two records – 2016’s Devil Is Fine and 2018’s acclaimed Stranger Fruit

His writing and multi-instrumental talents are once again at heart of the new, self-titled album. 

"With the self-titled record, we have arrived at where I imagined this project should sound like," says Gagneux. “It’s the longest we’ve worked on a single record and I believe it shows. The most important thing for an album of ours to do, is transport you instantly into our mood, our world. 

“Even though this might not be the one you might expect from us, this record certainly delivers on that front. We had time to hone in to what we think makes us interesting and what sounds we would like to explore through this we have found our home."

All of which explains why Gagneux felt it appropriate to name both the new record and its opening track after the band. 

The album was recorded with collaborator Marc Obrist and mixed by Will Putney (Gojira, Every Time I Die). In addition, the band have unveiled the third track from the record, Bow, which follows on the heels of thrash-y riffer Run, and the black metal-laced Erase.

The new track puts vocals front and center and has the makings of a dark singalong: listing a series of bad omens amongst a blur of rumbling bass, and visions of capitalist collapse. It will make a fine addition to your 'sunny day' playlist, then.

Zeal & Ardor cover

(Image credit: Zeal & Ardor)

Zeal & Ardor self-titled track list

  1. Zeal & Ardor
  2. Run
  3. Death To The Holy
  4. Emersion
  5. Golden Liar
  6. Erase
  7. Bow
  8. Feed The Machine
  9. I Caught You
  10. Church Burns
  11. Götterdämmerung
  12. Hold Your Head Low
  13. J-M-B
  14. A-H-I-L

The self-titled Zeal & Ardor album is available to preorder/presave now.

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